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grätzl hotel belvedere

junior suite starting from € 120,–

junior suite starting from € 120,–

401 street junior suite

the tailoress (25 m²)
Theresianumgasse 35, 1040 Wien

At 25 m², this suite is tailor-made for comfort. Literally. For over 50 years, the couture seamstress Liane Lerner worked wonders here taking measurements and adjusting the finest evening gowns. Today it is a converted loft with big fashion art prints on the wall, modern plexiglas constructions, upholstered clothes closet and an antique Pfaff sewing machine from times past.

402 street junior suite

the tobacconist (25 m²)
Belvederegasse 26, 1040 Wien

Trafik?? Many travelers ask this on their first visit to Vienna. But it doesn’t take long to become familiar with these Viennese originals, where you can buy tobacco products, magazines, parking permits and other small goods. The previous owner, Herbert Richter, was also a true original. He preferred to let his wife work there on weekends and despised computers so much that his letter of resignation was handwritten. So a tobacco sign and the blue-green patterned tile floor in the 25 m² room still remind us on of those times.

suite ab € 140,–

suite ab € 140,–

404 street suite

the gallery (35 m²)
Argentinierstraße 55/A, 1040 Wien

Simply great art on 35 m²: that’s what this suite has always been. In the early sixties, student Ernst Hilger began offering up this space to emerging talents such as Hermann Nitsch and several others from throughout the Viennese art scene to unwind and fraternize. Today, Hilger is among the most successful gallery owners in Vienna and doesn’t allow changing the works on display. It’s worth mentioning that this suite also has an oversized shower for additional comfort.

405 street suite

the artist (35 m²)
Argentinierstraße 55/B, 1040 Wien

Appropriately, this suite is right next to number 404, the Gallery. For decades, they were workshops to numerous artists. In recent times, two internationally renowned artists, the German-Burmese collective Dormice discovered this 35 m² suite as a creative retreat. In addition to the timelessly elegant design, it also includes current works from the Hilger gallery on the walls.

grätzl hotel meidlinger markt

garden suite starting from € 120,–

garden suite starting from € 120,–

junior suite starting from € 120,–

junior suite starting from € 120,–

1207 junior street suite

the confectioner (20m2)
Reschgasse 4, 1120 Wien

What once was a confectioner that filled the streets with the fragrant smell of freshly baked Kipferl is now a Suite for the modern traveller. Sweet 26 sqm, a king size bed and an inviting glassfront offer a homey stay in this re-adapted retail space. Being so close to the traditional Meidlinger Markt yet keeping ones privacy make for a snug experience tailored for the modern traveller.

1208 junior street suite

the cobbler (22m2)
Reschgasse 4, 1120 Wien

The cobbler on Meidlinger Markt was a pragmatic and straightforward young man. Tight-lipped, but when he said something, then it was on point, no beating around the bush. Given this background, it is no surprise that “the cobbler” offers functional and uncomplicated interior. Less is more and right to the point, just like our young cobbler.

1209 junior street suite

the children's bottier (24m2)
Reschgasse 4, 1120 Wien

The 24sqm of this Suite certainly do not pinch your toes. In the former children’s bottiers salesroom, the town lies literally to your feet, as the Suite is slightly elevated.

As we moved out piles of left behind shoeboxes and shelves going up to the ceiling, the generous ceiling height disclosed. Up close tot he city’s pulse, yet a private space one can retreat to, „the children's bottier“ offers a king size bed and extra high ceilings.

suite starting from € 140,–

suite starting from € 140,–

1203 street suite

the pitchman (48 m²)
Reschgasse 4, 1120 Wien

All freedoms can be enjoyed in this »corner room«, which is named so because it is located on the corner of the house. Individual is that the bed is positioned in the middle of the room and that the room can always be redefined by curtains. In addition, you have an excellent view of the Meidlinger Markt and even a separate exercise room is at your disposal.

1204 street suite

the clerk (34 m²)
Reschgasse 4, 1120 Wien

Austria and especially Vienna, is known for its officials. No wonder that there are special designations such as Beamtenforelle (a knackwurst) or Paragrafenreiter (a jobsworth). Therefore, everything in this suite is set to the official comfort. A large kitchen invites you to feast and from the long window seat, you can overlook the lively market activity, in order to bridge the »boring« clerk’s life.

1206 street suite

the cellarman (50 m²)
Rosaliagasse 7, 1120 Wien

Ample space can be found in this 50 m² suite, which can be entered through a separate entrance directly from the market. Eyecatcher in the dining room is a large table, where numerous guests can be provided with meals. And even the cooking area leaves no wish unfulfilled. Via the adjoining sleeping rooms along with walk-in closet you ultimately come to a staircase that leads to the depths of the city. But do not worry: it is only to a large basement with spa area, which would satisfy even as a rehearsal or party room.

grätzl hotel karmelitermarkt

junior suite starting from € 120,–

junior suite starting from € 120,–

suite starting from € 140,–

suite starting from € 140,–

201 garden suite

the birdcatcher (40 m²)
Große Sperlgasse 6, 1020 Wien

The former bakery is a true visitor’s paradise. Where once bread and pastries were baken in the oven, today these stylish bird, jungle and floral wallpaper invite you to dream. And the best thing is: a gartenloft, separated by curtains, additionally creates a secret oasis in the midst of the city.

203 garden suite

the caretaker 35 m²
Karmelitergasse 1, 1020 Wien

This suite has a large gardenloft which radiates, as the name already assumes, a masculine note. The very linear design and the dominant grays reflect the character of the typical Viennese caretake, giving the suite a touch of simplicity, which brings the remarkable cup gallery off. Of course, ladies are welcome here as well!


Best reception: With free Wi-Fi you can be online in bed, while sitting in the sun, at the large table or in front of the Suite. Internet everywhere.


The comfortable, extra long box-spring beds with luxury sprung mattress will give you sweet dreams. For example, from the Viennese apple strudel.


Free Wi-Fi Internet / minibar / safe / Nespresso machine and water boiler with tea selection Samova / flatscreen cable TV / bathroom with rain shower or bathtub / shaving mirror / plenty of space for personal items / in our spacious Suites well-equipped kitchenette

non-smoking suites

»Smoking only outdoors,« as the typical Viennese would say. Therefore you will find a proper seating accommodation in front of almost every room.

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